Core Values and Goals of The Interfaith Observer (TIO)

TIO is an independent publication, affiliated with many faith and interfaith groups, and managed by the Tri-Faith Initiative in Omaha, Nebraska. The editor and associate editor oversee publishing decisions and are aided by a diverse advisory committee. The values and goals below are not presented as static abstractions but are actualized in how TIO delivers its services.

  • Promote diversity, inclusivity, and respectful relationships within and among religious and spiritual traditions;

  • Fairly report religious and interreligious news, particularly stories that are ignored by major media;

  • Address interfaith history, issues, goals, education, and religious literacy, explore and highlight interdisciplinary issues relevant to advancing interfaith cooperation, and provide an enduring record of the emerging interfaith movement in its various forms and expressions, including photography and video;

  • Promote interfaith dialogue; transform strangers into friends; respect ‘the other’; engender trust;

  • Address and sometimes support interfaith activities around issues such as climate change, religious bigotry, immigration policy, and marginalized people – all for the sake of engendering a vital, healthy, just interfaith global culture;

  • Report news and activities of the world’s major interfaith stakeholders along with covering the most important national, regional, and local interfaith activities everywhere and foster networking and communication amongst actors in the interfaith movement except where it impinges on the rights of others

  • Publish stories from 500 to 2000 words for the general reader, with appropriate links for those who want to dig deeper;

  • Explore how interfaith cooperation contributes meaningfully to interdisciplinary and intersectional efforts

Header Photo: Pexels